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Defending You From DUI Charges

You go out with your friends after work and you drink a few beers. As you get ready to leave, you feel fine. You feel no different than the other times you've had a few drinks and driven home. On the way home, you see blue lights behind you. Suddenly, your whole world has turned upside down.

Arrests for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are more and more common in Georgia, especially in the Metro-Atlanta area. Georgia DUI laws are complex. If you have been arrested for DUI, it is critical that you hire an attorney with experience and skill handling DUI cases.

The CRIMINAL CONSEQUENCES of being charged with a DUI can be severe. In addition, a person charged with DUI faces the immediate impact of LOSING THEIR LICENSE.

DUI Trial Attorney Daniel Farnsworth began his legal career as a DUI prosecutor in Fulton County. After leaving the Fulton County Solicitor's Office, he has spent the last 8 years defending clients charged with DUI in cities and counties across Georgia including: Fulton, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Cobb, Marietta, Smyrna, Gwinnett, Lawrenceville, DeKalb, Doraville, Clayton, etc.

Having handled thousands of DUI cases, we have the experience and knowledge to help you through this difficult time. We will:

  • Work to prevent an immediate suspension of your license
  • Review the incident report, accident report, video and let you know the mistakes the officer made
  • Review the officer's training
  • Evaluate and discuss the possible outcomes of the case with you to make sure you are fully informed of all your choices
  • Prepare the case for trial and be ready to fight for you every step of the way

We look forward to speaking with you about your case. We are available to discuss your case 24/7. Contact Daniel Farnsworth for a free consultation at 678-753-5065 or complete and submit the online contact form.

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