Domestic Violence Charges Can Have Serious Consequences

If someone has obtained a protection order against you, or if you have been accused of domestic violence assault, you need to take the charges very seriously. Prosecutors in Georgia pursue domestic violence charges aggressively.

To protect yourself from a criminal record that could be damaging to your future, get help from an experienced defense lawyer. Do not try to contact the alleged victim if you are under a protection order, as you could face additional charges. For a free initial consultation, call Farnsworth & Murphy LLC, in Atlanta at 404-525-8500.

Why You Need An Aggressive Defense

Some people plead guilty to assault charges because they are embarrassed and want the charges to go away. Unfortunately, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge will result in a criminal record that will not go away. It will be visible to anyone who conducts a background check on you.

Even if you avoid jail time, you could face lifetime consequences. For example, you would be barred from possessing guns or ammunition under federal law. You could be barred from certain professions. People could treat you differently based on your criminal record.

To keep your record as clear as possible, seek legal advice as soon as possible. Do not expect the charges to go away. Even if your spouse does not want to press charges, the state could pursue the case on its own.

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