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The war on drugs has taken a costly toll on our society, resulting in lengthy prison sentences even for nonviolent offenders. This is not surprising. States all over the country have drug laws that focus on incarceration rather than treatment, and Georgia is no exception.

That’s why it’s extremely important to get help from an experienced drug crimes attorney when you face drug charges, even for a first offense. The penalties you face, including a lifetime criminal record, are simply too high. Call the attorneys at Farnsworth & Murphy LLC, in Atlanta for a free initial consultation at 404-525-8500. We are here to protect your rights.

Protecting You From Harsh Consequences

At our law firm, we will fight hard for you and explore all avenues to aid you in your defense. We handle cases involving all types of controlled substances, including:

  • Cocaine: While charges of cocaine possession carry severe consequences, this is even more true for trafficking charges.
  • Marijuana: Don’t let legalization or decriminalization of marijuana in other states catch you off guard. In Georgia, possession of even a small amount of marijuana is a crime.
  • Heroin: People from all walks now face heroin charges in the Atlanta area.
  • Prescription drugs: Addiction to opiate drugs such as Percocet can lead to criminal charges if you possess the drug without a prescription.

Our lawyers will evaluate all evidence and investigate if the arresting officers acted appropriately and within the bounds of Georgia law and the Fourth Amendment when they arrested you. We will work to recover property that may have been improperly seized as a result of your arrest. If necessary, we can file appeals in your case, even if we did not handle your original case.

Are You From Out Of State?

The highway system in Georgia is a crossroads for many people throughout the Southeast and around the nation. If you are arrested in Georgia on your way to or from another state, you would be well-served to work with an attorney here who knows and practices Georgia criminal law.

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